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My Most Frequently Asked Questions

Two weeks ago I posted on Instagram, asking followers any questions they might have that I have not had to answer. I received a few responses on the post and quite a few emails asking the questions. I rounded up the most popular questions that I received and I hope it helps you all to get to know me a little better. Some of the questions will also have links to some products that coordinate with the question. Of course, if there's any other questions, feel free to ask on my social media accounts!

Question 1. What are some of your favorite pens and your "must haves" in a personal planner?

My favorite pens that almost always use in any planner or notebook are the Staedlter 0.3mm marker pens and the Uniball Jetstream 0.7 ballpoint pens. I also only use black ink as a personal preference, but I believe these pens are available in blue ink as well.

A few of my favorite items that I always have in my planner are:

Question 2. How long did it take you to acquire all of your planners?

I would say about four years ago is when I really started to collect them. I got my first real planner when I was about 10 years old. It was a Franklin Covey planner that my mother previously owned and I just used it as a diary. Since then, planners is just something I love to collect and switch out when I feel like using a different color or style.

Question 3. How do you get inspired?

I get a little inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest, but mainly from from scrapbooking and home decor magazines. I tend to use my planners mainly for scrapbooking/memory keeping as a hobby, so I always turn to my scrapbooks and photo albums for new and original ideas. For organization, I love looking through Domino, my favorite magazine since 2005. There are so many beautiful and modern photos of home offices, craftrooms, and lofts, that anybody can take some ideas from this magazine.

Question 4. What app do you use to add watermarks?

I use PicLab app for adding watermarks. The app also has options to add a frame, beautiful filters, and even stickers on your photos.

Question 5. How did you start an Etsy shop?

I wish I could say I had some help with it, but I was on my own starting it. Fortunately, Etsy makes it extremely easy to start up a shop with a walk-thru tutorial. Also, browsing at other shops that have done well for themselves really helps in how you want to present your product.

Question 6. How do you use your planners?

With all the planners I've collected, I only use two planners. I decided to keep my classes and assignment schedule separated from my work/home management, so having an additional planner really helps me keep track of things. I use an Erin Condren Life Planner for classes and a six-ring binder style planner, like a Filofax or Kikki K for work, appointments, and bills. Any other planners I have, I either switch them out when I want a different color planner or use them memory keeping.

Question 7. Where do you buy all of your washi tape and what is your favorite planner?

I buy most of my washi tape from Michaels, Target, and Office Depot. I love the 3M Scotch washi tape the most because I think the colors are very bright and beautiful, but also it removes very easily. My favorite planner of all time is probably my pink personal leather planner that I bought from Kikki K in the Fall of 2014. It was a style of planner I've always wanted for a long time and the pink color is just beautiful.

Question 8. If you could pick only one planner to use from now on, which one would it be?

It would definitely be a Large Kikki K or A5 Filofax planner. Binder style planners are more versatile with organization, the leather is durable, and planner inserts can be personalized.

Question 9. What kind of camera/lens do you use?

I'm actually saving up for a new camera! I would love to take the next step and purchase a professional camera and lens. For now, I just use my iPhone 6+ camera for Instagram photos.

Question 10. Does your desire for order from being in the military?

Serving in the US Navy definitely trained me to pay attention to details and perfection, but I'm not a perfectionist and I used to be really disorganized. Over a year ago, I came across a website from Alejandra Costello and purchased her Power Productivity Program. She's a professional organizer and she takes organization to a whole new level. The program really helped me with dealing with clutter and feeling overwhelmed to now a streamlined and functional system in my home. It's definitely a program I recommend and she also has a Youtube channel with tons of videos of her organization systems throughout her home.

Well that's all the questions I have for now, but if there's anymore, feel free to leave a comment on my social media accounts linked down below and I hope you enjoyed this blog post! :)



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