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Inside Of My Home Management Binder

Hi everyone! I’m back today to show you how I did my set up for my Aqua Carpe Diem Planner using the Domestic Bliss collection and Home A5 Planner Insert Set.

I wanted to try out the Home A5 Planner Insert Set to keep house-related things more organized and to dedicate a whole binder to it. I made myself a dashboard to make it more colorful and fun and filled the pockets with 3x4 cards from the Domestic Bliss collection. I also made a simple pocket folder with the “I Can’t Adult” cardstock to store extra sticker sheets.

I don’t keep weekly planner pages in here, but I did want a monthly calendar to write down when bills are due, pay days, etc. The Domestic Bliss Roller Stamp is great to use on the calendar for stamping in laundry, to-dos, and pay days, and more. I also added some pieces of washi for a pop of color and used stickers from the Home Sticker Tablet to highlight chores and things I do weekly.

In the Routine section, I keep my daily schedule that is usually the same routine and I only write home related tasks.

In the Projects section, I created a page where I wrote down craft projects I would like to do. I tend to forget scrapbook or craft projects that I would like to do, so writing them down helps me remember to get it done in the near future.

In the To Do section, I keep a Master To Do List in this section and these are things that I don’t necessarily need to finish all at once, but things I want to finish that I know will require more time.

In the last section, I keep a Menu Plan that I recently started doing weekly and so far it has helped me plan dinners at home and use what I already have in my cupboards.

I hope you enjoyed having a look inside of my Home Management binder and I hope it inspires you to try out the Home Planner inserts to keep your home organized.



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