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Planner Clips and Page Flags Storage

Hey everybody! If you've been following me on Instagram, I have been going through a major decluttering and organizing everything in my craft room. All of my planner supplies were getting mixed into my scrapbook supplies and items weren't being used. I decided to use my nine-drawer Alex unit from IKEA as a station for most of my planner stuff and accessories. Today I will be showing two drawers: page flags and planner clips. The rest of the drawers will be shown in a later post.

The clear trays that I used are only sold in stores at Walmart and they fit nearly perfectly inside of the drawer. I linked a similar product down below, but be sure to measure inside of your desk or drawer units to make sure they fit. The inside of this drawer unit measures 11.5" wide and these trays rest on top and the drawer closes just fine. I'm very "out of sight, out of mind" and I love to label everything because it helps me find what I need right away. I labeled and organized all the paper clips by type or what made sense to me. You could also organize them by color, Etsy shop, or theme.

I have a lot of page flags that I use to temporarily highlight a page, use in my planner, and I love including them in stationery gifts. I used to have them in one large bin and I would forget to use them. I didn't organize them in any particular order, but I tried to keep similar items together.

I hope that gave you some ideas on how you can organize your planner clips and page flags or another way to use the Alex unit. Be sure to subscribe to my blog for more organization and planner posts and follow me on Instagram for even more photos and ideas!



IKEA Alex Nine Drawer Unit:

Three Compartment Clear Tray (Similiar):

Linus Drawer Organizer (Small):

Linus Drawer Organizer (Medium):

Linus Drawer Organizer (6"x9"):

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