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Erin Condren 2016-2017 Planner Review & Accessories

Hi planner friends! If you're a fan of Erin Condren or love the LifePlanner, then I'm sure you've seen sneak peeks of the new planner design and accessories over the past few weeks. We're literally days away from being able to order all of the new items and I wanted to give you a chance to see what's new and maybe help you decide on what you need for your planner.

This year, I wanted to try something completely different in my LifePlanner, so I decided to get the neutral color scheme, vertical style, and with the black coil. I love to add my own color scheme to my planner and the black and white pages was a perfection option for me. For the cover, I chose the new Blossom color with a black background. The black is optional and you can choose any color you would like! Erin Condren will be introducing 12 new covers, four updated designs, and seven new metallic covers to choose from.

The clean and simple color scheme makes it easy to add pops of color without clashing and there only a few hints of color that change within each month.

I absolutely love the new Snap-in bookmarks and they're available in three different sets and each set comes in a pack of three. They're easily removable and a perfect for someone who prefers a smaller option to mark off pages.

The Snap-in dashboard has been updated with a beautiful watercolor design and you now have the option to get matching wet erase markers! I love using the dashboard to write my shopping lists and the wet erase markers wipe clean with just water! No more messy dry erase marker smudges or struggling to erase permanent markers.

The new magnetic page markers come in beautiful jewel tone colors and are actually thin. They won't add a lot bulk in your planner and are great to section off monthly pages, weekly spread, or notes.

In every LifePlanner, you will get four sheets of stickers that are pre-printed with various tasks and blank stickers as well.

The Keep It Together folder is better than ever! This folder is in the neutral color scheme to match the rest of the planner and each planner includes a perpetual calendar. It is a double pocket folder and works great for storing your stickers and papers. The perpetual calendar allows to write down birthday, anniversaries, or any important dates and can be transferred to your next planner, without re-writing those dates again.

In previous LifePlanners, the clear zip pouch was coiled into the planner and could sometimes be bulky and not easily removable. This year, the pouch is no longer coiled into the planner and can used as a separate pencil pouch, store receipts, or your favorite Erin Condren accessories.

Each pouch comes with a free sampler pack of planner stickers, a coil clip, coupons, and compliment cards!

If you like having the pouch attached to your planner like I do, you can use the large coil clip that's included in the pouch, and adhere it to the back of the pouch. The clip is removable, so the pouch can moved to the front or back of your planner.

The accessories below are not new, but the colors and designs are new this year! Erin Condren has released a second edition of the designer sticker book, the stylized sticky notes, and new jewel tone planner bands.

The sticky notes come in a beautiful watercolor scheme and with 280 sticky notes, these will last you for a long time! The sticky notes do clip into the coil and can be removed or placed anywhere in your planner.

The designer sticker book is almost a must have for every LifePlanner! With a mix of rose gold, platinum, and gold details, the stickers can be used any time of the year.

A planner is not complete without planner bands! In new jewel tone colors, the bands are very stretchy and help keep any loose pages intact. The planner bands are available in beautiful metallic colors as well.

Last, but not least, I wanted a new Carry-All Clutch and I chose the large size with the beautiful In Bloom design. The clutch is made of a neoprene material and is very stretchy.

In the large clutch, I was able to fit my LifePlanner, a large gold coil notebook, and the clear zip pouch with accessories.

The last item I got from Erin Condren was a new mouse pad with the same In Bloom print and it came out really beautiful. The mouse pads come in a variety of designs and you do have the option of adding your name or business.

I hope these photos gave you an idea of what you may want to get from the LifePlanner launch and help you decide if you want to try the neutral color scheme. The new planners and accessories will be available to purchase on June 1, 2016. I've linked below a $10 off coupon that will be emailed to you and can used for anything on the Erin Condren website. Be sure to follow me on my social media accounts linked below for more planner inspiration and new products!


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