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April Carpe Diem Planner Set Up

Hi planner friends! Vanessa here with you today to show you how I set my Robin’s Egg Carpe Diem planner for April and a couple of new accessories from the Life in Color and Carpe Diem collection. In my last blog post for March, I showed a very easy tutorial on how to make a pocket folder for your planner, but I wanted to try one of the Carpe Diem A5 Pocket Inserts since all of the work was already done!

I really like all three of the pocket inserts in the A5 Pocket Insert pack and the floral one stood out the most for my April set up. The folder is very sturdy and it’s perfect for storing the number cardstock stickers I always use and a quick place to store receipts. You could definitely use more than one of the pocket inserts throughout your planner as a divider or place it in the back if you’d rather see your dashboard first. I decided to keep mine in front and added one of the cute Carpe Diem dashboard inserts to dress it up.

For my first weekly spread, I like to keep it simple at the beginning of week and decorate using of mix of patterns and bright colors.

I included a few of the Life In Color Expressions Cardstock stickers for a little motivation throughout the week. The stickers are not too thick and won’t bulk up your planner. To make the number cardstock stickers stand out, I made little flags from the Life In Color washi paper tape.

One of my favorite Carpe Diem planner accessories is the Sticky Notes Bookmark. It’s so convenient to have, but for April I wanted to make my own with the Life In Color cardstock. I simply traced around the Sticky Notes Bookmark, punched it with a paper punch, and cut small notches into the holes. I added a small number of the sticky notes to the bookmark and and dressed it up with some adhesive Bradz and Bits & Pieces from the Life In Color collection.

If you want to make the bookmark stand out more, you can glue a small ephemera piece like I did using the Carpe Diem planner ephemera pieces.

To me, paperclips are always a staple in my planner and the Carpe Diem Planner Bits & Pieces make super cute planner clips. I took a couple of my favorite pieces and used a strong adhesive to attach to the paperclip and that’s it! They look cute peeking out of your planner and make it easy to find the page your looking for.

I hope you have fun making your planner clips and bookmarks from any of the Simple Stories collections and have a happy Spring decorating in your planner!



Robin's Egg Carpe Diem Planner:

Carpe Diem A5 Pocket Inserts:

Life In Color "The Good Life" cardstock:

Life In Color Bits & Pieces:

Sticky Notes Bookmark:

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