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Top Four Pics of May

My photos on Instagram for the month of May featured my favorite planner pages I've done so far. I really had a lot of fun with my A5 Fluoro Filofax with handmade pocket folders and perfume bottle paper clips. I'm a big collector when it comes to Chanel fragrances and cosmetic and I really wanted to make some fun paper clips for my planner. Clip art and images on matte photo paper made this a super project and I think they came out beautifully. I also went ahead and made my own journaling cards with some stationery and watercolor images I scanned and printed on 3x4 cards.

While these do contain brand names and logos, these are made for personal use only and I highly recommend to not sell these on social media or in a shop. Also on May 30, I finally stocked my shop with handmade Tiny Tassel keychains! These were highly requested for traveler's notebooks or anyone who wanted a dainty planner accessory. These are super cute and handmade by me!

Last, but not least are my top four favorite photos of May on my Instagram. For June I'll be adding new planners to my routine to try out, planner kits, tassels, and organization. I look foward to seeing new planner layouts, journals, and scrapbook creations from the planner community and I hope to see you there!


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